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A preparation of new and major wars on our region!

In the latest meeting of 2010, NATO made a decision to start the missile shield in our country upon request of comprador Turkey government.
On that time, Turkey government declared that this missile shield isn’t pointing any country, it’s only for defense, but at the same time, foreign affairs minister of the USA said it’s againts Iran in order to relieve Russia.

If we consider the declarations of Russia and Iran in December of 2011, it is clear that no one believes the declarations of the imperialist USA or the comprador Turkey.

Russia declared that they put their own missile shield on the shores of Black Sea against this missile shield. At the same time, Iran said that they will point the missile shield in Kürecik (Turkey) at the first offense to themselves, because this missile shield is started in order to protect Israel, they said.

The USA imperialism is planning new wars on our region. They are targeting Syria and Iran which are seen as obstacles to their hegemony on the region. The comprador Turkey government is being a hit man in favor of the States and trying to grab a piece from the imperialist pillage.

The ones who talk about democracy in Syria, doesn’t ever talk about what kind of democracy came to Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. When they talk about the repressive regime of Syria, they didn’t even open their mouth about the rebellion of the people in Bahreyn which is repressed with blood and massacre with support of the Saudi army.

They exploit and persecute their own people inside. They offense even to the minimal opposition in this country. They hold, arrest and assassinate thousands… They just killed thirty-two people in Uludere (in the Southeastern region of Turkey).

Missile shield is the most important preparation of the new wars on the region. It is put on our country in order to protect the expediences of Israel and the USA. Our country became the open target of war and the frontage of imperialism.

We, as revolutionarist parties and foundation, who have the names below invite all the laborers and oppressed peoples to a united struggle against the new war preparations and the imperialist offense.

Imperialism will be defeated, resisting and struggling peoples will win!

The Union Against NATO and the Missile Shield:

( BDSP, DHF, DH, EÖC, EHP, ESP, Halk Cephesi, Kaldıraç, Köz, Odak, Partizan, PDD, SDP, Suphi’den Bilen’e Gelenek Yaşıyor İnisiyatifi, TÖP-G)

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